The Journey Begins: Internship Week 1

Photo by Mantas Hesthaven on Unsplash

Learning Out Loud

A large part of this opportunity is about learning. In the midst of providing value for RMS, I’ll be learning every step of the way.

Proof Of Value

It’s one thing to say “I worked in Product Development/Management at a software company”.

Cool Story, Bro!

For me, it will certainly be a story worth remembering. Besides what I do at work, I’ll also use this as a place to write about everything else about my life in Holly Springs throughout my time. I don’t have much of one right now, but maybe that will change.


I drove and drove and drove and drove.


I drove and drove and drove some more!


I got settled, bought some groceries and the like, and got ready for my first day of work!


My first day!


I sat in on some more meetings and got started on my first real task. I spent a large part of the day searching for plans in a particular format to use with the product we’re building. Ken wanted to have a larger library of plans to use as examples for potential users, so I dug through the WWW looking for something we could use.


I spent most of this day with a tool I found called LibreCAD. Since the plans I’d found were rather amateur, they weren’t set up with our product in mind. We were having problems finding the actual plan when we opened it.

That being said….

Two of my biggest takeaways from this week would be the importance of perseverance, and also the importance of taking initiative. I can tell that finding a way to get things accomplished and also seeing a progression of what I can pursue next without being told explicitly is going to get me a long way.

Bright Idea Of The Week

Something Ken said early on was really interesting. He said we should be focusing on goals, not plans to get there. If we keep focused on our goals, the day to day will fall into place. It’ll just be a natural process, dealing with what comes up.



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