Internship Week 3

Theo Luciano
3 min readAug 31, 2020


Grandma Z’s resting place next to her beloved husband

I’m writing this as I’m riding with my family back to Minneapolis to fly back to Raleigh later today.

But first, we’re meeting with the rest of the family to bury my dear Grandma Zenaida.

She was an amazing woman.

Some of the most valuable lessons we learn in life do come from being explicitly taught; rather, they come from watching others or doing things ourselves.

Grandma Z was an amazing teacher in that way. From escaping Castro’s Cuba to fighting cancer, she taught me to never give up.

The way she made time for her sons and their wives, her grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren taught me how family is one of the most important things on this earth. She never failed to call each one of us on our birthdays, and to tell us she loved us and that she was praying for us and she hoped God blessed our year.

I heard the stories and watched how she would stand up for herself. It didn’t matter that she was less than 5 feet tall. To me, when she stood, she was taller than Michael Jordan. She taught you to be confident and courageous and to not let anyone make you feel small or insignificant.

These and many more, I will take with me through my life. When I catch a glimpse of them expressed in my dealings, I’ll say “Thank you, Grandma.” She’s still imparting her wisdom, even after she’s gone.

Te queiro mucho Grandma Zenaida. Hasta luego.

My grandma’s passing has surely been at the forefront of my mind these last couple days, but before I flew back to Minnesota on Friday, I did indeed put in the Week 3 work at RoleModel Software.

Throughout the last several weeks, I’ve put in a lot of time with an application called LibreCAD (an open-source CAD platform), using it to edit and adjust building plans for a software tool we’re currently working on.

We got our hands on a fresh batch of plans this week, so that is what I spent the majority of my time on. After the hours I’ve put in with LibreCAD, it’s been great to see my time per plan decrease greatly. I actually know what I’m doing now and I can achieve the desired outcome in far less time.

I also reviewed my market research presentation with Ken, the CEO, and it was great to get his input on what is valuable information and where I could do better. It also showed me (for the thousandth time) the importance of getting a second opinion. Ken caught some conflicting information and I was able to go back and figure out where the problem was and provide accurate information.

Being around custom software programming has also made me want to dive into development and software design on my own a bit. Over the last couple of weeks, I found I had already purchased a web development course on Udemy, which I promptly started and am thoroughly enjoying.

I also finally got a more long-term housing arrangement set up. So rent, yay!

Talk to you all next week.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness”
-Lamentations 3:22–23 ESV



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