I wrote landing page copy for a website

Air Fear Of God 1 ‘Triple Black’ available on GOAT.com

I love shoes. I always have.

So when I went to write copy for a shoe startup as a project one week, it came pretty easy. I felt like I was writing to myself.

GOAT is a shoe marketplace. One of their main missions is to eliminate counterfeits, by verifying authenticity with each pair sold on their site.

Any sneakerhead knows that fakes are a huge problem when buying online. Since shoes can be a very lucrative business, GOAT seeks to solve this issue for buyers everywhere.

Dunk High Pro SB ‘Reverse Skunk’

I’ve purchased footwear from GOAT before, and the experience was great. I bought through the app. I decided to check out the website, and I was surprised to find they didn't have much for a landing page or ‘About’ page. I decided to write one of each.

Here is my idea for copy for a landing page:

Greatest Of All Time. A term used to describe someone or something with unparalleled achievement or success in their field.

That’s our goal at GOAT, and we don’t take it lightly.

Shoes are a statement. Regardless of what you want your statement to be, make it with the unequaled quality that comes with GOAT.

Our team checks and double-checks every single item before it gets shipped to you. Then we issue an Assurance of Authenticity certificate. That’s how you know you’re getting the best. Basically, if it’s not the g.o.a.t, we don’t let it come near you.

Independent sellers, along with retailers and worldwide brands such as Adidas and Nike use GOAT to sell their shoes, so we’re constantly dropping the hottest kicks. It’s who we are.

See, GOAT isn’t just a business. It’s a movement. And it’s not about us. We believe everyone has GOAT potential.

And we believe shoes are the perfect way to show the world your style, your vision, and your voice!

Supreme X Authentic Pro ‘Checkered Red’ selling on GOAT for $1500

I incorporated the things that make GOAT special. The things that set it apart. I also made it relatable and relevant by mentioning it in conjunction with worldwide brands(Nike and Adidas). This sets GOAT in a favorable light as a company that big brands trust to sell their products. Finally, I write in a way that makes the customer comfortable and trusting. I emphasize the importance of the customers’ satisfaction.

Here is the ‘About’ page copy:

It’s all in the name.

GOAT stands for Greatest Of All Time.

From the beginning, our main goal has been to provide the greatest assurance in the authenticity of your shoes. After one of our founders bought a pair of fake Air Jordans online, he and a friend realized that this was a common issue.

Together, they set out to solve this problem, and GOAT was born.

Anyone can sell authentic kicks on GOAT. Every pair is verified by a comprehensive photo and data point process first. Then, every pair passes through either the company’s Culver City or New Jersey facilities for further quality assurance, authenticity checks, and final packaging before it’s sent to you.

All this so that you can buy with confidence. Are you kicking it with Yeezy Boosts? You’ll find them on GOAT, and you won’t be disappointed with the quality you receive. Maybe you’re more of an Air Jordan sneaker-head? You’ll find those too, and you won’t have the problems our founder had when you buy them from GOAT. These, and everything else from slides to spikes, sporty to stylish, can be found on the GOAT website and mobile app.

They all come with the same assurance of authenticity.

GOAT is a rapidly growing business, with an employee base of now over 300. GOAT recently acquired iconic sneaker retailer Flight Club, with locations in New York and LA. In the midst of this growth, the mission remains the same.

Help you be the greatest, by being the greatest.


Yeezy Boost 350 V2 ‘Tail Light’ sells for $350 on GOAT

I told a story with the ‘about’ page. Most importantly, I told how the company solves a problem customers have.

I included basic company information that customers may want to know such as location and size. Also, I included some of the success and growth opportunities the company has experienced recently.

Check out GOAT for yourself! I’ve had a good experience with them and they are working to fill a very necessary void in the shoe game.




Product Development @ RoleModel Software and a myriad of other things // John 14:6

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Theo Luciano

Theo Luciano

Product Development @ RoleModel Software and a myriad of other things // John 14:6

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